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oh the malice

So I put up my new style, even though I'm not technically done it. Today, the other class officers and I visited the Hyatt. It was really nice. This promises to be the best Villa prom ever. Unfortunately, tickets will probably be around $180 per couple. A bit steeper than last year, but it's a really nice place. Yeah, when Casey came to pick me up I was totally still asleep.

Yesterday, Carri and I went to this kid Sean's house. Sean is friends with Brian, Carri's new romantic interest. He's much better than the married man she was concentrating on. Audrey was a cunt so I didn't even really see her. Too fucking bad.

Saturday, I hung out with my former co-workers at the hayride. We all had lots of fun by the bonfires. It really was a grand ole time.

That's about it. I'm monumentally interesting, I know. Control yourselves.
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