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Meme fun

K is for Kinky
I is for Intense
R is for Radical
S is for Silky
T is for Tricky
E is for Elitist
N is for Nice

Fifty Things You May or May Not Know About One Kirsten L. Crooks:
01.) Am I am of 6 children.
02.) My oldest sister is only a half sibling, but we never talk about that (not in a denial way, in a complete acceptance way).
03.) I intend to major in the classics, probably also with a heavy focus on literature or philosophy.
04.) I am capable of far more than I do.
05.) Sometimes, I actually think I'm pretty.
06.) Sometimes, I cut myself.
07.) I almost never cry.
08.) I am intensely interested in languages and linguistics.
09.) I adore Russian writers.
10.) On a similar note, Crime and Punishment is my favorite book of all time.
11.) I've shipped Remus/Sirius since before I knew what slash was.
12.) I read HP fanfic, sometimes NC-17.
13.) I curse very often, usually with but not limited to: cock, cunt, fuck, shit
14.) I think it would be very interesting to slip into full-blown drug addiction/insanity
15.) I want to lose weight. Have thought seriously about eating disorders, but do not have the discipline i.e. will to harm myself in that way
16.) To me, suicide is unacceptable
17.) Sometimes, I feel that all my so-called intelligence is a sham and I'm just lying to myself
18.) I have partially seen part of the plan for my existence actualized
19.) My younger sister had Leukemia and I gave her a bone marrow transplant
20.) I seriously think my younger brother is gay and I was put here to help him through his realization of this (I feel I was born with an acceptance of homosexuals to help him)
21.) I smoke more often than I should
22.) When I get drunk, I frighten myself
23.) I am, to a certain degree, self-destructive
24.) I want a passionate love in some frightening way like Stanley and Stella Kowalski (i.e. passionate to violence, physical, surpasses everything)
25.) Music underscores my entire life; I could not live without it, sometimes, I can't live because of it
26.) I am more religious than many people my age
27.) I want so badly to live an extraordinary life. I feel like I'm destined for it
28.) Death terrifies me; what happens after? nothing, something? if something, will i get shipped off to place for the wicked?
29.) I have only 2 friends to whom I trust knowledge of my entire self
30.) I am very contemplative, but I can being boring because of this
31.) I have a very healthy relationship with my parents
32.) I used to smoke pot far too often; I've only done it once since September
33.) I wish so hard to be brilliant and am often disappointed with my meager intellect
34.) I am a grammar nazi
35.) I find racial slurs amusing
36.) I find racism abhorrent
37.) I want to see the entire world
38.) I want to be fluent in the Romance languages, Russian, German, and Japanese; perhaps Chinese and Greek
39.) I try very hard to be honest at all times, unless it's school-related
40.) I know I can do better than a 1370 but I'm too lazy to actually work on the SATs
41.) I'm a very private person
42.) I only talk a lot when I'm comfortable
43.) I do yoga weekly
44.) I procrastinate; this ties in with my fear of not realizing the brilliance I want but don't have
45.) I don't know if I'll ever feel OK
46.) I really am not as gloomy as this list portrays
47.) I'm an utter social pariah
48.) I am very concerned with fashion, making me feel shallow
49.) I actually wish upon the first star I see at night and when the clock reads 11:11 etc.
50.) My VJM friends and experiences have changed me in a way I could have never known possible, thank you. I will miss you so hard

I have to cast my own Romeo + Juliet; suggest good actors to fill any of the major roles. I feel kind of melodramatic for that 50 things list. Silly, emo me. I think I'm becoming better friends with the kid I took to prom last year, and that's tons of fun. I'm going to formal this year.

I need to re-do my layout, Kristin's layout, and help Manda code hers. Fun, seriously I'm excited. I need to figure out stupid xanga overrides. Stupid thing.
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