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let the groveling begin

My birthday is Friday. I will be 18. I will be a legal adult. I will be able to buy lottery tickets. I will be able to buy cigarettes. I will get a tattoo. Such an amazing day. For gift ideas (there are some people who are interested), I have an amazon wishlist. I hope that link works. Also, I still need more of a paid account. Anne is being cool and giving me one CD (burnt, of course) every day this week. Also, I'd like to be Queen for a Day, have a crown, and have people do whatever it is I tell them. Sounds like fun to me.

Today I bought Elliot Smith's self-titled, XO, and Either/Or as well as Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols. I just found out they only made one album. Cool. Burn-outs. Erm. I only got done MTG's peer evaluation this break. I'm cool. But I have started my film essay.
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