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so cute

I just got the cutest card from my Pop in Mississippi for my birthday.

My Heroine (he calls me this b/c I was my sister's bone marrow donor):
I wrote to wish the best to you on your birthday and through the years. Hope you are doing good and continue that way.
I am doing good for an old man my age (he's nearly 80).
Hope you choose the right school for you. Who knows, you may be one of those that perfects an universal language.
Don't rush into things without thinking them out. And if you can't figure things out yourself, don't forget you have friends and relatives to help.
Best to you,
Pop Pop Moore

How cute is my Pop? He also sent me a 200$ check. Sweet. That means he's sent me 300$ in the past month. He's crazy; he gives away money like its going out of style. Well, at least to the girls. He doesn't like the boys. He kills me.

Skipped school today because I needed sleep. Now I'm working on my government paper (Eleanor Roosevelt), and then I'll do my outline. I really don't know where I'm going to go with that one. Oh well.
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