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I'm the Enchanting Wizard of Rhythm

stolen from sequin_issues who stole it from someone else.

1. Reply with your name and I will say something about you.
2. I will tell you what song(s) remind me of you.
3. I will attempt to think of a word that accurately describes you.
4. You can put this in your journal if you want.

Yeah, I just finsihed my outline. It's six pages and four sections: Raskolnikov in Theory, Raskolnikov in Two, Raskolnikov in Shame, and Raskolnikov in Slumber. It's kind of pithy in the first and the last for now. I need that Rod & Svid book from Manda, but she said she's going to give it to me in school today, so I'm fine.

Good night, finally!
Tags: c&p, meme, project, rod the bod

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