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attention BRC

Every BRC member needs to read cleolinda's Movies in Fifteen Minutes version of The Phantom of the Opera here. It's hilarious.

Also, there was a really nice post on the truly dominant nature of HP here. It makes some really excellent points that I hadn't really noticed or devoted lots of attention to, even in my crazy readings of the novels. I think non-HP'ers should definitely read that and then perhaps look into the books. Jo knows her shit, just sometimes she throws off her own time line. Details, minor details, I say!

Been home sick for the past two days. My throat and head ganged up on me and ambushed me Monday night. I have done copious amounts of sleeping and watching movies: Gothika wasn't as bad as I expected, Cold Mountain was good, and Johnny Mnemonic is tied with Leprechaun in the Hood for the title of worst movie ever. Seriously, a code breaking Navy-trained dolphin. Surprisingly, Henry Rollins and Ice-T handed in the strongest performances.

I have many ideas for my paper, but I think I should type up the latin midterm review first. It's going to be long and annoying and tedious (especially the vocab part) but I'll do it.

Huzzah, I return to school tomorrow! In time for gov't review and NHS meeting. Bollocks, I'll need a ride home from that. I need to make my soundtrack.
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