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DC sleeps alone tonight

Hung out with Audrey tonight. It was fun and so was she. That's cool. Yoga class is very soon, I'm excited.

On a similar note, all the girls (a.k.a. my class) have to go to the nurse this week to get weighed, measured, eyes/ears/blood pressure checked, you know, the usual, but apparently she's telling everyone they are overweight and need to exercise more. When she weighed me, she was like have you been exercising and I was like yeah, gym membership, yoga every week, blah, blah, blah. She congratulated me on working and then wished me luck. I guess if I'd said I hadn't been, I would have gotten the stern talking to as well. But seriously, the people she said that to are so not overweight; it was weird.

Need to redo outline for paper, need to actually read my books for paper, need to renew said books at library today, need to get oscar noms, current event, read Antony + Cleopatra. Ok, I've got stuff to get to.

Need new icons, revamp of layout. Set up bank account so can have debit card. Ok, I'm not totally behind on life. Also, I think I'll be doing that movie quotes thing. If I can think of lots I like, I'll do 20. That would be good.
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