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Friday - Bright Eyes was amazing. Tilly and the Wall and Coco Rosie opened. We were a little late so we only saw the very end of TatW, but they were interesting. They used tap-dancing as their percussion. CR had a human beat box as their percussion, and he wore and Indian chief hat. So weird. Their music was really weird. Bright Eyes came on. Connor was drunk drunk drunk. Played well. It was almost too personal. He'd sing and couldn't be still because he felt it so hard. It was endearing. His guitar looked so big on him. He is a tiny, tiny man. He's also a crazy leftist. Anyway, the people were interesting. Namely the kid next to us who had a hip flask. I didn't know they even really made those things. Every boy looked exactly the same. It was funny. But Bright Eyes rocked, and they played A Bowl of Oranges, which I love. So, I went home very happy. Then Carri and I hit the diner, then it was home. Tried to watch Beauty and the Beast, but, alas, I fell asleep.

Saturday - Went lingerie shopping for Audrey at the mall. It was like the good old days. Really, just the whole us being at the mall thing, not the lingerie thing. Then we went to Audrey's. I played Mario 3 on nintendo, while audrey foiled her mannequin head and then did carri's hair. Home, tried to watch Beauty and the Beast again, fell asleep again.

Sunday - Realized I was in love with Keanu Reeves after watching Something's Gotta Give and The Replacements. Cleaned my room, finally watched Beauty and the Beast. Hit the gym. Mass at Maternity at 7.

All in all, while this weekend was dominant, I accomplished nothing I wanted.

Why does everyone have a myspace? LJ is so much cooler.

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