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Trigun in 30 Minutes:

I'm basically killing time between FLCL and Trigun right now. FLCL was, as per usual, amazing. I love that show. I've seen them all besides 5 and 6, which is a pretty big deal b/c they are the last 2. But I'm pretty proud that I've been watching this anime since freshman year (I'm going to be a junior). I think the last 2 episodes were just released too.

Umm...anyway, I want Marilyn Manson's make-up artist. He always has such beautiful make-up. I say he's the Boy George of our day. Haha.

I watched 'Funny Girl' tonight. I love that movie. It makes me cry. Barbra Streisand is really like buttah. She has an amazing voice, very strong. I made an Orli icon today, which is unusual b/c I'm usually strictly hobbit, but whatever. It's not even what I wanted. Does anyone have the pic that Viggo took of Orli? It's called "Legolas," and it's Orli putting in his contact. If you do, get back to me. Well, I'm going to go look up notes on "All's Well That Ends Well." Summer reading, you know. My fault though, I asked to move up to AP. I hope I don't fail. Ta~ta!
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