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Everyone's Hero

Buffo the Clown

speeddemon608: for some reason i think youd like this
speeddemon608: http://www.buffo.com/who.htm
speeddemon608: this clown can rip a phone book in half
kirsten for pres: i read that
speeddemon608: thats amazing
kirsten for pres: he also walks on broken glass and machetes
speeddemon608: lol
kirsten for pres: that's amazing
speeddemon608: while juggling bowling balls
kirsten for pres: and chainsaws
kirsten for pres: and having a child on a ladder sit on his face
speeddemon608: whiel also getting his masters in special ed.
kirsten for pres: and teaching the deaf and blind to play pro baseball
speeddemon608: hes everyones hero

OK, film project tomorrow. I have one person's (out of 3, not including myself) stuff, and she has no citations. I never got the pictures. Copymax is now my home. Off to work. I hate you.
Tags: aim convo, buffo the clown, failure, project, steve
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