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last night i was about to throw it all away

Dear Guy I Clotheslined As You Went By on Your Bicycle,
You don't know me, but I'm the guy who broke your collarbone. Now, I've asked myself over and over, "why did I clothesline that guy?" Perhaps I watched too much slapstick as a kid and expected you to get up after being violently assaulted. Imagine my confusion when you did not. In all fairness, it was pretty funny. I mean, the last thing you'd expect as you were riding merrily by on your bike is that someone you didn't know would stick out his arm and crush your throat. I mean, you really should have seen it. It was just like WAM! BAM! (haha!)
In closing, as you lay there convalescing in your hospital bed, I'm forced to wonder, "what were you doing riding your bike on the sidewalk anyway? huh, asshole? Side-WALK!"
Guy Who Collapsed Your Trachea

Done WiL. Oh yes. We got 18/24 on the Oscars project, not to shabby. Can't believe Marty didn't at least get best picture. I want a delayed opening so bad. Worked on a new layout, see it at my test journal wave_103. It's meh, right now.

Kissed you quick, feeling weird, lonely leeved and disappeared. Elliott, you were the man.
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