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holiday in review

I've done nothing terribly constructive. Went to church like everyday of the Triduum and Easter. I got my feet washed (just one actually, the right one), which was wierd because it was my pastor. He really can't sing, and he was muttering the song under his breath but with his microphone on, and it was just weird. I did notice that around this time of year, the church uses a lot of latin, which is fun.

Socially, I've done nothing of import. I'd like to change that though. The BRC plus Anne should meet and watch movies. Perhaps we could also discuss making Anne an honorary BRC member? Then she could carry on our legacy after we leave Villa. Anyway, it should be discussed.

And finally, I have good news in two parts.
This isn't her, but her litter mate. She does look just like this though. She's a retriever/chocolate lab mixed with a boxer. Her name is Max (Marge came up with it. Her fourth grade nun was named Maxima, and she decided it was a good dog name). Bella isn't very fond of her.
Part Two: Acceptance into NYU

My day is made. This mood icon does not fully represent my ecstasy. That's a weird word and very odd to spell.

ETA: I've also just found out I was accepted to BU. Wow, what an awesome day!
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