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My Sun-Eyed Girl

OK, just because I think it's weird: Terri Schiavo, Mitch Hedberg, Pope John Paul II all died and bad/good things usually come in threes. Of all of them, I'm the most torn up about Mitch. His death was a surprise (well, I knew he did drugs, but still).

I saw Sin City twice this weekend and it only got sweeter. Also saw Guess Who after Sin City last night. It was cute and funny, and Ashton Kutcher has the coolest nose. Anne agreed with me. Also found out last night that Anne's real name is Mai Anh (My Ing phonetically) but everyone just calls her Anne. How weird. Anne also complemented me on my accent, but then couldn't think of the word for lily so my Vietnamese name is Hoa (which means flower, is ugly, and is usually applied to men). I also bought Guero by Beck last night because Beck is the coolest musician ever, and he's not dead so that's something new for me.

I've officially decided on BU as they've given me the most money and they were my second choice. Anyway, I was totally meant to go there because twice deadlines were extended, which enabled me to 1) try for a scholarship (which I didn't get) and 2) actually apply there. So, I'm really excited as is Michelle because now I'll be really close to her and Jake. And it's especially good because Jake works at Harvard, which is really close to BU. So, that's all very exciting for me and boring for everyone else. It's also very nerve-wracking because I have issues with change.

I also want to give my congratulations and condolences to everyone as college news rolls in. I also want to make a point to say that just because one is not accepted to their number one, he/she is no less an excellent person. Which sounds cheesy but it needs to be said because some people can't realize their ability without being smacked in the face with the fact of it.

So, this is possibly the longest update I've ever had. I'll stop now. Also, just want to add that I hate losing this hour. It's evil!
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