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Recs Galore (fic, model, comedian)

Ok, so I think we've well established that I'm uber obsessed with MWPP-era HP fic. So, a little while ago, prankstersguide was recced to me, and though it is not equal to shoebox_project in pure godliness, it is fairly decent. So this is my rec to my lovely LJ friends who want to be cool like me.

The new Beck cd owns. Does anyone actually have Mitch's cd with tracks? I have one recording but it's a solid 60 minute block, which is rather annoying for listening purposes. If anyone has it or knows of a link, either yousendit.com or link it please. Thanks.

Also, boyd holbrook is gorgeous, my new obsession, and a hotter version of Draco Malfoy than Tom Felton. Want to see him as Draco? Here and here. Now you see it, don't you? My wallpaper right now is him, too.

I worked out wicked hard tonight. I will not be able to move tomorrow. Feels good.
Tags: beck, boyd holbrook, exercise, fanfic, hp, mitch hedberg, music

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