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I've Seen This Room

Pope John Paul II, you rocked in life. You rock even harder in death because you get me a day off from school. Friday, April 8. Whatsoever shall I do with the free time? One again, thank you JPII.

Today, MTG informed me that I'm not the "average Villa girl." And I love Annie-san/Mai Anh and will miss her terribly next year. Annie, I will buy you a plane ticket to Boston so you can visit me.

Tomorrow, mini-Quintessence/BRC meeting at Kristin's because she has Publisher. That guarantees to be tons of fun. Also, I must work on the Poet Laureate posters. Violets and Pansies, must remember violets and pansies.

ETA: Dude, it's 4/5. It's now been officially 11 years since Kurt Cobain splattered his cranial matter all over his attic.
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