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Kiwi Maddog 20/20

Firstly, I found an LJ community for the BU Class of 2009, a.k.a. my future class, bu_09, which is awesome. It helps alot. I'm stoked by its mere existence.

Secondly, over the weekend as opposed to writing my latin paper on Ovid's influence on Shakespeare, now affectionately titled 'Shakespeare: Ovid's Ape,' I watched Hero, cleaned my room, saw A Lot Like Love, and slept at Maria's. I memorized Time's prologue from The Winter's Tale in about 3 hours, and only minorly fucked up today, which = excellent.

And, finally, a meme stolen from sylvangirl, who took it from coconut_kismet. I also saw it at raelala's journal.

Comment to this entry and I will pick one or more of your interests and do an MSPaint drawing of whatever comes of it. You have no say in which interest(s) I pick or how cracktastic the drawing will be. If you want to do the meme yourself, post the picture I drew for you in your journal and give your friends the same instructions.

Example:Crime and Punishment and CSI:
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