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So come on

I'm done my Latin paper. I could have been done earlier, but I stopped to get my hair done. It's a beautiful thing: Ovid's influence on Shakespeare. And believe me, it's huge. 80% of Shakespeare's classical allusions are Ovidian. WHAT?! Also, Shakespeare liked to steal his storylines, but people knew that already.

Prom is on Friday, which should be fun. The weekend after prom, though, not fun. I have a WiL paper due and a big test on Monday, so there goes my weekend. I just remembered to finally bring in Kung Fu Hustle for Christa.

The film project will kill me eventually. Seriously, I hate it.

Happy thoughts: 13 days of classes left (I've subtracted my AP test day, which means more for some, less for others).
Tags: film project, hair, latin, movies, prom, stephen chow

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