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There's a livejournal community for Rosencrantz/Guildenstern: rosnguil. However, I find this pairing slightly ikcy, techinically. I mean, as they are compositely one person, isn't that like incest? or misplaced masturbation? And, it probably seems odd that I don't just ship them because of my extreme love for both (especially Rosencrantz), but I never saw it. The characters are far too existentially inactive to ever have sex. I mean, sex is very existentially important, or I can see it being so, because it can bring two people so much closer or it can bring about new life. And then, there's the fact that sex is a non-issue with the two of them. With Hamlet, it's there. I could pair him with people; I could imaging him wanking (well, not really imagine so much as see as plausible). But R&G absolutely never dwell on sex. Maybe this is all just me, but seriously, R/G is just gross.
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