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come on, mitcell, don't give up

I'm finally fixing my bank account tomorrow, which means I'll actually be able to access my money. I'm now obsessed with Stealing Harry and Laocoon's Children. Why did JK's universe have to be so damned horrible? I like this pleasant world where Harry is raised by people who actually like him. The only odd bit is that Harry is Slytherin, which works. He's a Parselmouth after all, but still. Anyway, I'm tired. Maybe I'll nip into Villa tomorrow to get my books so I can study for my finals. It'd be a good idea to at least skim the notes by Wednesday.

I still can't get into hotmail. Is anyone else having problems accessing random sites? Or am I the only one the internets hate?

Finally using my Ros & Guil icon. Huzzah!
Tags: fanfic, r&g are dead, s/r

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