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is HE Obi-Wan?

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:xhobbitfancierx
Your haiku:but i never shall
forget the dismay felt when
a certain captain
Created by Grahame

What's that on about?

Oh yeah, Saturday after seeing Revenge of the Sith again and noting that it's not a good movie Manda, Christa, and I returned ot the casa de Crooks to watch A New Hope. Quickly being bored after Obi-Wan appeared (Me:Is he Obi-Wan?! Manda:That's a woman!), I wondered aloud at the amount of bad porns inspired by Star Wars. So, we came up with some of our own.
Star Whores
Han's Going Solo!
Princess Leia Me
Jab At the Slut/ Jabba the Slut
Wookie Nookie
Darth Invade Her
Yo Da Pimp!
R2- Do You
C-3P0: The Metrobot ( My nails!)
Eat/Grab This Lightsaber
Obi-Wan On One
Porn Troopers
Pad Me For a Dolla'
Luke Guywalker
Balls Chin
The Vagina Faces With Their Phallic Flutes

Admit now how hilarious we are. Go on, we know you want to!

Now I'm seriously off to bed.
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