Hip and Homeless (manimalogy) wrote,
Hip and Homeless

FLCL #5:

Ok, so this episode to me was a new one. It was great. I def. was surprised by Haruko's naked ass, but I dunno. I def. could draw some parallels (hell, they stole entire scenes) between this episode and Lupin III. First, Naota's dad in Lupin's outfit, then he jumps right out of his clothes for her and the boxing glove comes out and the shot freezes and colorizes.

So0o0o, then I was thinking that they were using the Matrix? I mean, in the salon when Eyebrows was getting his hair washed and that whole ensuing brawl. But, I don't know. That show is tres bizarre, but in the very best possible way. They even have an amazing soundtrack. I still prefer Yoko Kanno, but that's just MY preference.

Oh well, and they are restarting Trigun again tonight. I accidentally saw the last episode last night. I didn't even know Trigun played on Sundays. Oh, well. At least this time, I'll actually get to see Wolfwood die. Hopefully that will bring some closure. *tear* Ta~ta!
Tags: anime, flcl, oh wolfwood!, trigun

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