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HP meme

A Random Harry Potter Survey!
Age when you first read Harry Potter7th grade, 12?
Favorite BookChamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban
Favorite Character(s)Sirius, Remus, Harry
Favorite Professor(s)Lupin, McGonagall, Dumbledore
Favorite HouseRavenclaw
Favorite Quidditch TeamChudley Cannons? (I don't care)
Favorite CoupleSirius/Remus, Ron/Hermione
Favorite Magical Animalsphinx
Favorite Magical PlaceDepartment of Mysteries
Favorite WeasleyCharlie
Favorite Petowl
Favorite Order MemberShacklebolt
Favorite Classpotions, transfiguration, charms
Favorite Wizarding Snacklevitating sherbert balls (something like that)
Favorite Gryffindor StudentHarry, Weaskley twins
Draco or Harry?Harry
H/Hr or R/Hr?R/Hr
Snape or Lupin?Lupin
Crookshanks or Scabbers?Crookshanks
Hedwig or Pig?Hedwig
Harry or Ron?Harry
Crabbe or Goyle?no difference
Canon/Fanon Draco?canon Draco has had some interesting developments, and every fanon Draco i know doesn't quite meet my expectations
Canon/Fanon Snape?canon only
D/Hr or D/G?neither
H/D or H/SS?wrong
Your OTP?Sirius/Remus
Favorite SlytherinDraco, Zabini is fun
Cho - annoying or not?annoying
Do you write Fanfiction?dabbles
Do you read Fanfition?yes
Favorite Fanfiction?The Dating Disasters of Sirius Black, I See a Darkness, Laocoon's Children
Canon or Fanon?canon
One shot or Novel length?just must be well written and properly characterized
Fluff or Angst?see above
Darkfic?go for it
Very Powerful Harry?I'd tend to think only in his love; he's not Dumbledore calibur
Very Sexy Draco?no
Gen, Het, or Slash?any, I suppose
Fanfiction Petpeeves?bad writing, horrible characterization that contradicts canon
Did you Cry when Cedric Died?no, was shocked
Did you cry when Sirius Died?teared up
All time favorite partmay be when Harry talked to Sirius and Remus through the floo about James
Were you mad about the whole H/C mistake?H/C mistake?
Do you like Viktor Krum?yes
Do you like Cho Chang?not really
Do you like Fluer?yes
Do you like Cedric?yes
What did you think of the Prophecy?very interesting; it explains alot about why Voldemort wanted Harry dead in the first place
Which characters need more development?Snape, Remus, any of the Blacks (including the Black sisters)
Did Harry pass his O.W.Ls in Potions?yes, with an E
Will Harry die or survive at the end of book 7?survive, this is children's literature
Do you like the Marauders?love them, that's the era I generally read in fanfiction
Light side or dark side?light
Who do you think is the HBP?for a long time I thought Remus
Who do you think will die in HBP?I knew Dumbledore since Manda told me
Who do you think Harry's new "love interest" is in HBP?I don't not like Ginny, but it felt forced
What do you think will be the "something huge" revealed about Lily Potter?she's ace at potions, perhaps had a sexual relationship with Slughorn (ha ha)
Are you a Luna fan?yes, she's so odd; I love how she tells the truth no matter what and how she rambles on about ridiculous things
Favorite Marauder?Sirius
Is Harry going to be back on the quidditch team?captain, bitches
How well do you think Harry will cope with Sirius's death in HBP?very well, he moped for weeks, but didn't do anything stupid; he LEARNED so much from it and grew
Do you think Harry will be even more angry in HBP than in OotP?omg, I love HBP Harry more than words can define
Will Ron or Hermione die in either of the next 2 books?it's possible, if one dies the other has to, but I'd like to think they won't because they didn't make the same mistakes that led to marauder deaths
How do you think Ron and Hermione will react when they find out about the prophecy?resolve to help Harry kill Voldemort
Harry Potter Movies
Do you like the movies as much as the books?no
Hottest HP actor?Dan and Rupert are getting very cute; I love Thewlis
Do you think Emma Watson is too girly for Hermione?no, too pretty
What do you think of Ruperts long hair in GoF?love
Daniel Radcliffe or Rupert Grint?dan (red hair is inexcusable, ha ha)
Chris Columbus or Alfonso?Alfonso
Was the warewolf too bald?yes yes yes. I hate that werewolf
What scene did they leave out in the movie you wish they hadn't?deathday party in CoS
Favorite movie moment?the embrace in the Shreiking Shack
Least favorite movie moment?
Favorite character in movie?I love Rickman Snape
Favorite Movie?PoA
Was that how you imagined the basalisk?I don't remember having any real aversion to it
Do you wish Richard Harris could still play Dumbledore?yes, if only for continuity's sake
Do you think Snape is sexy?Rickman is, Snape is not
Do you wish you looked like Emma Watson?no
And for the lst question, how has Harry Potter changed your life?I spend way too much time talking/reading the books themselves, fic, or theory. I think it really kicked a love of latin and a desire to know roman history into me


I love HBP so much right now. After a re-read, it could be my favorite.
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