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The Amazing Chocolatier

So, today I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Casey. I didn't get to see any previews, seeing as we got in as the titles began. I could tell that Elfman was as good as, or perhaps better than, usual. Everything was so wonderfully Burton. Even if he had used the exact same script as Willy Wonka... it would have been miles away from it. Johnny, as always, played the character in a very unusual but entertaining way. I however prefer Wilder's Willy Wonka. I didn't think Depp could live up to him, so perhaps that's why he didn't. It was good though. I loved the oompa loompas, or rather that one guy. I really enjoyed their songs quite a bit. The whole bit with Willy's dad was odd, but I loved Willy in massive headgear. I was freaked out by Wilbur "Saruman" Wonka; he's so scary. But overall, I really liked it.

I'm going to see the John Fredericks Band tomorrow with Jacque in NYC. I've never heard them, but she's paying for everything and New York is so fun. Alright, I'm sleepy, and I have some laundry to fold.

ETA: As I folded that laundry, I found a large plastic serving spoon in the drier. What the hell?
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