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I bought Pete and Pete: Season One! It's fantabulous. I've gotten Carri obsessed with Thewlis, which is a great achievement. Also, Gangster No. 1 and True Romance have been shipped and should be here within 4-10 days.

Hm, it would seem that Artie is fully cognizant of sex, yet he only hangs out with little Pete. I love Artie, but it's too easy to see a tights-wearing grown man with a 12 year old as his best friend as a molester. There also seems to be a huge joke with a song called Marmalade Cream. The math teacher is called Mrs. Cooter, and just said "Smells like math spirit." What a weirdo. I love the Mr. Tastee episode, a lot. That was the first one I watched.

I also bought Bubble Boy, Requiem for a Dream, and my own copy of The Big Lebowski. I do intend to cap Divorcing Jack sometime soon.
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