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quick review

The interesting things that have happened lately: Otakon, Christa now ships R/S, SHOEBOX UPDATE OHEMGEESTUFFYOU!, I go away in 13 days, Kyo Kara Maoh is hilarious, Gravi is once again my yaoi love, Prince of Tennis is fun, DEATHNOTE IS BRILLIANT, and that's all I can think of for you, even though it probably doesn't help.

I'm surprised by how far behind I was on friends, icon comms, r/s fic, & long MWPP fic (my filters). I haven't even looked at layout comms because I'm so scared. I haven't read that filter in a month. I'll plow through that later.

My hair stands completely on end when I don't wash it for days. Right now, I have a unicorn horn that's been upright for 2 hours, made simply out of my hair. It's about seven inches tall. Which is why I'm going to shower now.

Huzzah. I love ladyjaida and dorkorific. Spike TV totally uses the old Hardy Boys entrance music in their bumps. Don't think I don't notice, Spike; I do.
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