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random talk with manda

xx Sylvangirl: hey!
kirsten for pres: hullo!
xx Sylvangirl: Are you going to Christa's?
kirsten for pres: i don't know.
kirsten for pres: i'm kind of not ready for school at all, and marge is at her wit's end.
xx Sylvangirl: Eep :P When do you have to leave?
kirsten for pres: next week, but she just wants to kill me
xx Sylvangirl: How long do you think it's going to take to pack?
kirsten for pres: umm, considering i have to get everything, a while
kirsten for pres: brb
xx Sylvangirl: Kay.
kirsten for pres: back!
xx Sylvangirl: wahoo!
kirsten for pres: omg. the little convo on your LJ entry is killing me!
xx Sylvangirl: XD The handcuffs one?
kirsten for pres: yeah
xx Sylvangirl: XD
xx Sylvangirl: Kirsten, you quoted Scar! XD
kirsten for pres: you know it, but christa started it
xx Sylvangirl: Well, yes, but you continued it? XD
kirsten for pres: of course i did. i live that song.
xx Sylvangirl: You live it?
xx Sylvangirl: :D
kirsten for pres: indeed. i've killed my brother so i can assume his role as king of the jungle.
kirsten for pres: but before that, i made up a nice little ditty so i could fill in the audience of my intentions. we didn't want any surprises other than that damn well-intentioned son NOT BEING DEAD.
xx Sylvangirl: XD
xx Sylvangirl: I wanna put that in my profile, but the other quote is just so offensive!
xx Sylvangirl: *torn*
kirsten for pres: omg. people are going to start like, flaming me.
xx Sylvangirl: Well... it hasn't happened yet?
kirsten for pres: not yet.
kirsten for pres: but it will happen
xx Sylvangirl: Holy shit, as soon as you said that, someone I don't know IMed me.
kirsten for pres: oh no, not about that profile, right?
xx Sylvangirl: No, not yet... but it was scarily odd timing!
kirsten for pres: indeed
xx Sylvangirl: brb
kirsten for pres: k
xx Sylvangirl is away at 12:36:37 PM.
xx Sylvangirl returned at 12:41:43 PM.
xx Sylvangirl: back!
kirsten for pres: huzzah
xx Sylvangirl: My mom bought Happy Cola gummis, for me, but now she's eating them.
kirsten for pres: Oh, look at Yunsung, using his sword like that. He's just so...flexible. And check out Kilik! Doing his little "pole dance." Yeah, that's one big stick he has there. Watch as he thrusts it at his enemies. Thrust, Kilik, thrust!
xx Sylvangirl: .... AHAHA. I remember that!
kirsten for pres: haha, i'm going through my DJ entries, and I found that
xx Sylvangirl: Oh, anything else interesting?
kirsten for pres: The one I had last night was so odd. I was standing in the road right behind a car with these people standing all around me. And then for some reason or the other this guy comes up to me, he was in the group, and we're talking about some other people we don't like, and then, he writes the words Bruce's Gap in mid-air. But I can see them, and they're in the font Parseltongue, which is odd in and of itself, then he walks away to get into the driver's seat of the car, and I go afer him and I'm like 'Who's Bruce?' and he goes 'Me.' And I go OH! and give him a big kiss on the forehead and when I pull back it was Tom Cruise! Which is odd b/c I'm a Brad Pitt person.
xx Sylvangirl: XD
kirsten for pres: so weird
kirsten for pres: dude, we've been doing potter royale since like, mid 2003
xx Sylvangirl: Well... yes.
xx Sylvangirl: But we've made actual progress!
kirsten for pres: well, we've rehauled the idea
xx Sylvangirl: But... we have some plot ideas, too?
kirsten for pres: indeed
kirsten for pres: haha, i was just reading he post where i said the casting for PoA was "atrocious"
kirsten for pres: and now I'm like in love with Gaz and Thewlis
kirsten for pres: like, I freaking love Thewlis
xx Sylvangirl: XD irony!
xx Sylvangirl: Bwhahah.
kirsten for pres: i know
xx Sylvangirl: Alright... so. I need to go, but is there any chance of you going to Christa's?
xx Sylvangirl: Like... should I give a call later or something?
kirsten for pres: i don't think so. but if there is, i'll give you a call.
xx Sylvangirl: Okay then.
xx Sylvangirl: Then I'll talk to you later, tata!
kirsten for pres: bye
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