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So, it turns out I'm actually leaving on Saturday morning as opposed to Friday evening. I suppose I'll need that extra packing time, seeing as I haven't quite started yet. If Terry would stop wearing my clothing, then I could begin doing all the washing up so I could slowly pack it away. I think I'm packing clothing, my DVDs, my DVD player, makeup, toiletries, jewelry, english/latin copybooks, manga I haven't yet read, my laptop (should have been closer to the top), printer, iPod & its cords, and CDs (not everything is on the laptop; maybe I'll work on that). I wonder if there's anything else I should bring.

Carri is already dying at college. She cries like we'll never see each other again. It's not like I'm going to forget about her after 9 months in Boston, and we'll se each other at least 3 times in those 9 months.

My apparently non-existent uncle moved out. Now Kristin will never have definitive proof that he lived here despite my near hatred of him.

I woke up at 3PM on Monday, and I haven't quite managed to sleep yet. That simply will not do. I know I'm tired when I don't even want to read R/S fic. It's sad, how I am.
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