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First Post From College

OK, so yesterday I moved into my dorm. It's fun because it's a hotel. There's this guy that plays piano on the third floor, and all night he can be heard. I decided that his name is Fred and that we should be good friends, so last night on the way out to dinner and waved and said 'good playing, Fred.' He didn't hear me because I was in a glass elevator at the time, but the good vibes were still sent out. My room mate is cool. She's from north Cal by San Francisco, is a kind-of Lutheran, and horseback rides. She also skis and snowboards. She's very cool and we both like Jeffrey Eugenides, so that's fun.

Right now, we are going to breakfast with my parents and then book shopping. I feel so collegiate. Actually, I'm totally not prepared for what classes will be like. And, to top off that feeling, my classes start on a Tuesday, which is my 9:30 - 5 PM day from hell. Wah.

BRC, perhaps you all should visit. I would like to have us marauding around town. And maybe also we could set up times to talk to each other on line. Hmm...I'm not as homesick as I sound, I swear.
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