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No One Deserves It

So, Elliott Smith songs can still break my heart, namely Twilight and Pitseleh. College is fun. I'm marginally afraid of my latin professor because I'm not terribly strong in that class, and now I find out that she's my faculty advisor. Even though I haven't been updating regularly lately, I'm still on top of my friends lists, well, now that I've dropped the layout rating communities.

So, I really enjoy my humanities class discussion group, and Verity is convinced that the professor hates everyone in the class except for me, which makes me happy! Greek is more challenging than I had anticipated, but nothing unmanageable. Science is alright; some lectures are boring, some are fun. And, we all know how wonderful my latin class is. I just love translation 150-175 lines of horace per week. I can't wait for that final.

I need to find things for the BRC to do in Boston when they come up in October. I will scour the city for fun things.

P.S. myTunes redux and a network that connects me to at least 5000 songs at any one time are amazing. Plus, the schools T1 connection doesn't hurt.
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