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Just Smiled, Says I'll See You Around

I love new friends, not only becaue they are new and exciting in and of themselves, but they contrast with old friends. They make you realize that the easy silence you shared with that one is something earned by years of being always together. They make you laugh, and then you think wouldn't she laugh at that? They walk with you places, and you wonder when they last time you walked anywhere with them was. You see a sunset and wish so hard that you had a camera so you could share it. You walk across the bridge, and looking at the night sky, the moon's reflection on the Charles, Boston lit up like Christmas right there, you wish everyone was here, looking at it with you. You see a puddle left by an nasty afternoon shower, and remember the time a goofy friend adressed a puddle. You get soaked by the sprinklers like the freshman that you are and wish they were here to laugh at you.

I miss everyone at home. I can't wait until either you visit (yeah BRC) or I come home (everyone else :P).

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