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It May Seem Like A Stretch

Just got back from taking the Core humanities mid-term. It went alright. I saw Isaac, with whom I studied last night, and he told me he slept through his spanish midterm today. I felt bad but laughed because when do I not laugh at others' misfortune.

I've been crying a lot lately. It's starting to make me worried. Maybe I just shouldn't listen to so much sad music. Maybe I'm misplacing homesickness. Either is equally as likely.

There was a new chapter of Cartographer's Craft last night. Still no new Laocoon's Children, but he apparently has grown to hate that series, so I wouldn't be surprised if it goes unfinished, although I would hate that because it's brilliant!

Now, to translate a bit of Odes 3.4 before class so when she calls on me I can labor through four lines very inexpertly translated by yours truly.

BRC in 3 days! And Manda's birthday tomorrow!
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