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In The Immortal Words Of Rob Eckman

calculating architect of death
limit of my misery
with your asymptotic shackles
the derivative of my suffering
and a second, inflecting pain, concave,
then a sign table
stretching to both ends of infinity
with a root
a point on an endless line
a zero
my anguish

I don't even take calculus, but I think this is hilarious. He failed the calc exam, which prompted not only that poem but also this quote: 'oh god i'm f'd in the a.' Great stuff, Rob. Keep it up.

Plus I read DeathNote volume 1 yesterday. It was nice to find it in full-on manga form. I NEED TO START READING BLEACH. MANDA, YOU MUST AID ME IN THIS ENDEAVOR.
Tags: bleach, college, death note, failure, manga, poetry, robe

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