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Just Sail on By

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You scored high on masculinity and low on femininity. You have a traditionally masculine personality.

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And one more, from sylvangirl from coconut_kismet: go to the first entry for each month, copy and paste the first part.

January: happy new year, my crazy friends. i ushered it in by seeing Phantom (thumbs down) and spending half the night with my head in the toilet. Raspberry stoli + kirsten = hork. All in all, however, I had a blast. (Hmm...I remember no stoli)

February: Having three icons is depressing. (the real first entries are private Oscar project research, so I skipped ahead)

March: Dear Guy I Clotheslined As You Went By on Your Bicycle,
You don't know me, but I'm the guy who broke your collarbone. Now, I've asked myself over and over, "why did I clothesline that guy?" Perhaps I watched too much slapstick as a kid and expected you to get up after being violently assaulted. Imagine my confusion when you did not. In all fairness, it was pretty funny. I mean, the last thing you'd expect as you were riding merrily by on your bike is that someone you didn't know would stick out his arm and crush your throat. I mean, you really should have seen it. It was just like WAM! BAM! (haha!)
In closing, as you lay there convalescing in your hospital bed, I'm forced to wonder, "what were you doing riding your bike on the sidewalk anyway? huh, asshole? Side-WALK!"
Guy Who Collapsed Your Trachea
(I have no idea what this is, honestly)

April: Mitch Hedberg is dead. I was kind of hoping it was an April Fool's joke. It didn't say it on his official website, but E! has been reporting it since last night. Poo, and I could have seen him in January. Now I never will. (I remember this so vividly. I honestly thought it was a prank at first)

May: Prom was wonderful, as was going downtown to the art museum. Allen Iverson is my new best friend. (Oh, I remember AI)

June: Florida was one of the best times of my life. I'm going to miss all of the girls, even though I don't really know any of them. And I'm sorry for that. Sorry that I didn't devote enough of my time into truly belonging in Villa. But I'm not sorry that instead of knowing Villa, I came to know Carri and Audrey like I do. I love Carri, even though she's loud and obnoxious. Even though she's so emotional that it makes me feel inadequate. Perhaps, that's exactly why I love her. She knows me better than I know myself, and I can't even put into words how much I feel for Carri. I love Audrey, even though she's the most selfish person I've ever met. Even though she can't manage to have a boyfriend and two best friends at the same time. I love Audrey because she makes me laugh, and she understands me. I'm so glad that I spent the last four years of my life with them, and even if after this summer we lose touch and this closeness, I'll never be sad thinking of these times. These times when we just drove around, smoking fags with the music too loud. With Audrey and Carri screaming the words for everyone to hear because they were never ashamed to be noticed, to be seen and thought odd. When we sat in Audrey's backyard getting high and singing softly to ourselves acapella. Camping in Audrey's driveway eating much more than is humanly possible. Sitting in the dark watching scary movies and saying the stupidest things the earth has ever heard muttered into her atmosphere, not realizing our own youth and foolishness. Laying out in the yard staring at the stars and bearing our souls to each other because we were never ashamed of who we were to each other. Despite the ache I feel in my chest around classmates because I don't have the bond they have with the girls around us, my heart is overflowing with joy at the thought of my friendship with Carri and Audrey. I know that no one can possibly have the same bond that we have, and that makes me feel odd in the best way. Audrey and Carri make me feel different; make me feel that way in a sense that I never that possible. Our friendship makes me special, which I never thought was possible. Because there are only types of people and no one is truly unique. But with them, I can see that I was wrong. I rejoice in my heart for the last four years and for all the time to come with them. I rejoice I know who I know and how I know them. I rejoice and with tears in my mind if not in my eyes I lok forward to the life that is to come. But for now, the present and the knowledge of the past sate my heart and the uneasiness in my chest at the prospect of tomorrow. I thank everyone I know for being themselves and for affecting me and making me who I am today. (Yeah, sometimes I don't believe in brevity)

July: I haven't updated in a while. I'm going to make a new layout soon. I'm thinking I may even fake skin it. Wouldn't that be lovely? (Yeah, we all know how that went. Phhht)

August: I bought Pete and Pete: Season One! It's fantabulous. I've gotten Carri obsessed with Thewlis, which is a great achievement. Also, Gangster No. 1 and True Romance have been shipped and should be here within 4-10 days. (And the great Thewlis obsession is brought to light)

September: Ok, so I threw some DN icons together. The style is blatantly ripped from the original R/L 'Innuendo!' icon. It's one Raito icon with 3 variations and an L icon. (NERD! cough nerd)

October: I love new friends, not only becaue they are new and exciting in and of themselves, but they contrast with old friends. They make you realize that the easy silence you shared with that one is something earned by years of being always together. They make you laugh, and then you think wouldn't she laugh at that? They walk with you places, and you wonder when they last time you walked anywhere with them was. You see a sunset and wish so hard that you had a camera so you could share it. You walk across the bridge, and looking at the night sky, the moon's reflection on the Charles, Boston lit up like Christmas right there, you wish everyone was here, looking at it with you. You see a puddle left by an nasty afternoon shower, and remember the time a goofy friend adressed a puddle. You get soaked by the sprinklers like the freshman that you are and wish they were here to laugh at you. (Aww)

November: OK, I'm officially in love with Robert Pattinson. It was the leather pants that did it. I can't be held accountable. (teehee)

December: Tonight was phenomenal. Just wonderful. (hmmm, what did I do, exactly?)
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