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I Am Ready To Begin

Click on the link contianed in the conversation to mangle your minds, children.

Zenman887 (3:22:26 PM): I'll name my firstborn Zardoz
kirsten for pres (3:22:32 PM): poor child
Zenman887 (3:22:37 PM): oh yes
Zenman887 (3:23:11 PM): the entire point of that movie is Sean Connery in a bright orange loincloth...ugh.
kirsten for pres (3:23:22 PM): what?
Zenman887 (3:23:36 PM): Zardoz, it's a movie starring Sean Connery
Zenman887 (3:23:51 PM): where he dons a BRIGHT orange loincloth as he's a barbarian
kirsten for pres (3:24:09 PM): ew
Zenman887 (3:24:31 PM): care to be horrified?
Zenman887 (3:24:31 PM): here
kirsten for pres (3:25:04 PM): oh good lord
kirsten for pres (3:25:15 PM): i never needed to see that
kirsten for pres (3:25:17 PM): ever
Zenman887 (3:25:39 PM): well, what doesn't kill you only makes you that much stronger, hmm?
Zenman887 (3:25:54 PM): Although, I can't be too sure you didn't die a little on the inside
kirsten for pres (3:25:57 PM): no, this slowly eats my sould until i'm a withered wraith of a woman
Zenman887 (3:26:05 PM): mmm
Zenman887 (3:26:08 PM): yes...
Zenman887 (3:26:10 PM): yes, it does.
kirsten for pres (3:26:13 PM): i know
Zenman887 (3:27:26 PM): I would claim it hauntingly beautiful, but...I'd be a liar
kirsten for pres (3:27:38 PM): that you would be, yes

Off to New Hampshire for a few days. Keep the internets safe without me.
Tags: aim convo, glark, oh god why?, sean connery

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