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I Want To Kill You

My hair is super platinum blonde with three chunks of purple and turquoise. Not chunks of purple and chunks of turquoise, but chunks of purple and turquoise. It looks super sweet. Marge, however, is not terribly fond. 'I like the blonde, but why do you do those purple things?' Oh, Mam, I'm 18; it's what I do.

Max got out today. She went Mad Max all over the neighborhood. Then Kevin caught her and she was covered in shit. I had to bathe her; her stench was vomit-inducing. I think we'll take her and Bella to Petco tomorrow for a proper grooming.

Oh yes, I AM HOME AND IT IS BRILLIANT. Getting drunk tonight with Audrey and Carri. Getting my tattoo tomorrow.

Tony is a bit much after three months of not having to deal with him; I think I'll be able to handle it though.
Tags: hair, homecoming, mad max, substance abuse

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