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Kirsten For President!

I'm really drunk right now. Whoot.

Manda said I type better drunk than I do normally.

I think Carri is having sex with Kevin, but that would only do, considering me last summer with Vinnie.

Oh man, I need to go to sleep. I woke up at nearly 11:30 today; that's disgusting given I go to bed at 4 AM everyday.

Alright, no more set times after my appointment tomorrow. Hoorah!

Molly Shannon as Xena with Brendan Fraser is the funniest thing ever!

ETA: Wow, I don't remember making this entry at all. I remember talking to Manda, but not much else of my drunken online time. The tags crack me up though.
Tags: body mod, random, sleeeeep, sleep, substance abuse

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