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Oh, Giacomo!

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that 1978 was Donald Sutherland's most attractive year.

kirsten for pres (4:11:09 AM): i love donald sutherland
kirsten for pres (4:12:17 AM): i'm starting to think that while i can appreciate a truly beautiful man aesthetically, I'm actually attracted to funny looking men
kirsten for pres (4:12:34 AM): it's worrying. i don't want funny looking children.
xx Sylvangirl (4:12:54 AM): Isn't he really old?
xx Sylvangirl (4:13:01 AM): Like... really really old?
kirsten for pres (4:13:41 AM): this movie's from 1976!
xx Sylvangirl (4:13:50 AM): ... and I'm confused as to what the different between a good looking guy and one you appreciate aesthetically is. XD
xx Sylvangirl (4:14:19 AM): What movie?
kirsten for pres (4:14:28 AM): they are the same thing
kirsten for pres (4:14:39 AM): fellini's casanova
xx Sylvangirl (4:15:00 AM): Ah, okay!
xx Sylvangirl (4:15:27 AM): So, what makes them funny looking... ?
kirsten for pres (4:16:10 AM): odd bone structure, a slightly off symmetry, features out of ratio
xx Sylvangirl (4:16:45 AM): But that works!
kirsten for pres (4:16:59 AM): thewlis, sutherland, sarsgaard, elliott - all funny-looking men
xx Sylvangirl (4:17:11 AM): Okay, Elliott?
kirsten for pres (4:17:17 AM): i love him
xx Sylvangirl (4:17:18 AM): Kinda frumpy.
kirsten for pres (4:17:46 AM): i know! he's funny looking! my point exactly!
xx Sylvangirl (4:18:13 AM): But he's not funny looking in the aesthically pleasing way.
xx Sylvangirl (4:18:36 AM): More like in the "mmmm, I feel bloated" kind of way.
kirsten for pres (4:18:57 AM): that made me laugh really hard


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Dec. 24th, 2005 11:14 pm (UTC)
Oh my god, I have my own tag? :O
Dec. 24th, 2005 11:30 pm (UTC)
Yeah, you do. It started when I used to save all my AIM convos on LJ as opposed to just saving them, but I continued it. The others with you as a tag are private because they'd be massively boring to everyone that wasn't us being our AIM convos themselves.
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