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Nightmares Become Me

Ok, so many people know of my love for Donald Sutherland; I know I've mentioned it to at least one of you. But I feel I'm starting to go too far. I watched M*A*S*H the movie last night (I didn't sleep two nights ago, then I slept from 5 PM to 11 PM and was up until 7 AM) and as I dreamt this morning, Donald was there. In two separate dreams. In the first one, we were the same age (I think it was him from around 1970 M*A*S*H-era), and we were definitely together, very cuddly and kissy. Then, my little sister woke me up when she came in with her friend, but I went back to sleep and Donald was still there. Or at least I was still with him as at some point I was bored (yes, in a dream), and I said 'I'm going to call Donald.' I freak myself out sometimes, but honestly I think he's dreadfully handsome. Kevin was making fun of my taste, and he rather deftly compared Thewlis and Donald. It's weird, but they are similar: tall, lanky, the hands, big nose, curvy crooked mouth, pale. I wonder if my husband will be Thewlisian. I really wouldn't mind at all.
Tags: david thewlis, donald sutherland, dreams, m*a*s*h, movies

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