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Come Out and Multiply and Take Over

Blah, I've no clue what to do tonight. I hate not quite knowing what to do, just because it makes me feel lame to be sitting around at 8 on a Friday watching Awesometown over and over again. Not because Awesometowm is lame, just because of me, really.

I think Kate and Sarah will be stopping by eventually. And apparently the man himself is going to visit Boston before his trip out to Hawaii, so that week should be awesome. It'll almost be like last semester all over again. Maybe we'll have another intoxicated week. That would be awesome.

OK, I should probably be useful during this lull in activities. And the boredom is just that much worse because Verity is out of town. Oh, I'm so emo.
Tags: awesometown, college, geek, roommates, substance abuse

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