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Oh, Isaac Mizrahi

Orange Chicken87: kir do you speak spanish
kirsten for pres: not at all
Orange Chicken87: you want to correct my papers
Orange Chicken87: im sure youll do great
kirsten for pres: but i don't speak spanish
Orange Chicken87: bust out the romantics
kirsten for pres: what are you talking about?
kirsten for pres: are you on crack again?
Orange Chicken87: come on kir BUST IT OUT
kirsten for pres: i'd rather not, please
Orange Chicken87: ive been crooks deficient this weekend
Orange Chicken87: i think im going cold turkey
kirsten for pres: it's not my fault, we invited you out with us last night
Orange Chicken87: im convulsing on the floor and thats all you can say to me
kirsten for pres: you do no such thing, isaac
kirsten for pres: and yes
Orange Chicken87: tsk tsk tsk
Tags: aim convo, crack!, isaac

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