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Aristotlean Insights

Other characteristics are the result of disease or habit, e.g. plucking out one's hair, gnawing one's fingernails, or even chewing coal or earth, and also sexual relations between males. These practices are, in some cases, due to nature, but in other cases they are the result of habit, when, for example, someone has been sexually abused from childhood.

Does this not seem to anyone else that Aristotle is insinuating that the ancient Greek practice of paederasty is merely a vicious cycle of sexual abuse? We know now that people who have been abused as children are statistically more likely to abuse children when they are adults. Is it just my translation, or was Aristotle millennia ahead? This is literally blowing my mind, but it could just be the sleep deprivation talking.
Tags: aristotle, college, greek, moral conundrum

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