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Such A Filthy Dimming Shine

So, as per tradition, I got spectacularly drunk last night. It was a really good time. Most of the Hyatt kids were there, plus Crystal and Tapper. So, we are expanding our group of friends. But anyway, I ended the night by puking (LAME), and I just woke up. I come onto the computer, see I have like 8 ims from last night (WHOOPS). Not only is one from that dapper young lad Joe asking when we are going to hang out, but I get this lovely message from Kate:

WeNeverClose324 (1:50:29 AM): HI i'm glad wendesday niught was fuN! also i think we should all talk this openly when we're not drunk.

Auto response from kirsten for pres (1:50:29 AM): WEDNESDAY IS AT MYLES!

Auto response from WeNeverClose324 (1:50:29 AM): Wednesday nights, you pull through every time.

WeNeverClose324 (1:50:43 AM): wednesday at myles=good
WeNeverClose324 (1:50:55 AM): matt colangelo+miz=3some!!!
WeNeverClose324 (1:50:56 AM): WHAAAT
WeNeverClose324 (1:51:03 AM): just kidding on that last one!!!!!!!!
WeNeverClose324 (1:51:15 AM): sdor tof.
WeNeverClose324 (1:51:18 AM): sort of*

I love my friends.

Also, in a dream of mine last night, I invented a new species. They looked like sasquatches with sloth-like fingers, and they could climb really well. Also, whenever they got mad, they hid at the bottom of the lake. Yeah, it's clear I was drunk while dreaming this.
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