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I Always Disconnect It In Time

Last night was a fun girly night. Ver, Kate, Roberts, and I went to watch BU smash UMass in hockey. I accidentally dropped a mustardy pretzel on the girl below us. She was not pleased. I actually feared a lynching when the game ended so we kind of ran away. No shame in that; girls are crazy. Then we braved the cold for late night trip no. 1 at west. All I can say, don't be dumbfuck.

Then Kate, Ver, and I continued on to Crystal's brownstone, which has a lovely yellow door. We hung out talking about movies, celebrities, trees and reading magazines. Scarlett Johansson is beautiful and real, and we all love her. Then, after a good two or three hours of that, we went for late night trip no. 2, which was fun and involved quesadillas, so yummm. Then we dispersed and went to bed. After last night all I can say is that Crystal's roommate better get into NYU so we can all live together.

Now we're going to Newbury with Robe and Conor! Yeah, I'm excited!
Tags: bu, college, girly nights, gross consumerism, hockey, roommates

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