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I've Been on Tenterhooks

Oh my g-god, Mitch Jones, the man himself, is back in Boston. We went to Robe's to eat homemade pizza, which was delicious, and then we just decided to drink. Framboise is the most delicious thing ever; raspberry beer that tastes like carbonated fruit juice, mmm. And then there was Bernie, Mike's girly cheap sour apple flavored vodka, which always gets its job done. There was guitar playing, talking, laughing, and love. I love my friends. I don't know if I've ever been quite this happy with one group of people every time I see them. There is never exasperation, never a lull. It's always a great night, where either we get to know each other better or we just get pissed together.

This weekend is going to be ridiculous. I love three day weekends. I have a Friday, two Saturdays, and a Sunday this time. Yesssss.

I was pretty tips when I got back, and I think I talked to Carri. Whoops. We'll go over it tomorrow. Plus, I still have Greek to translate.
Tags: college, greek, parties, substance abuse

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