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I've Given You Long Enough

Elevator Parade (10:41:01 AM): you harlot!

Auto response from kirsten for pres (10:41:02 AM): [ROBE's room. He is extremely inebriated, and as such, KIRST has hidden his whiskey. They are bickering.]

ROBE: It's degrading. I don't like to be treated like a child like this.
KIRST: I don't like to have to treat you like a child like this.
ROBE: [incredulous face]
KIRST: [smirk]


Elevator Parade (10:41:03 AM): [ROBE's room. KIRST is extremely inebriated. It is 6pm. She is in the bathroom.]

ROBE: Hey Kirst, are you feeling okay?
KIRST: *vomitvomitvomitvomit*


I love Rob Eckman. And one more night of the weekend is still left!
Tags: aim convo, robe, substance abuse

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