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Standing in the Shadows

The Full Black Family Tree has been made available thanks to a fan. Apparently, Jo was auctioning it off at an event which fans could attend, and a fan going by Aberforth online copied the tree by hand. Sirius' parents were both Blacks: his mom's name was Walburga, and his dad's name was indeed Orion (the constellation in which Bellatrix occurs). Fanon really nailed that one, as Sirius occurs in Canis Major, one of his hunting dogs. Interestingly, Regulus is part of Leo; as a matter of fact, it's the heart of Leo, its brightest star. I have to note that while Regulus is a bright star in the sky (the 25th), Sirius is the brightest. This kills me. Sirius was Orion and Walburga's shining hope, and Regulus was a little king who was dim in comparison. Holy shit, son. No wonder Regulus was a Slytherin and a Death Eater; he needed to prove that he was just as good if not better than Sirius.

And, if I go with the fact that Dorea (?) and Charlus Potter were indeed the Potters, (she died in 1977, which, if I use the most commonly accepted fanon timeline, means she died in James' final year at Hogwarts) but she was supposed to have lived a long wizarding life. Surely, 57 is not a long wizarding life. Also, why wouldn't Harry have noticed the surname Potter on the tapestry, and why wouldn't Sirius have pointed it out?

Oh Jo, you are kerazy. Plus, I really like the fact that there are two other Siriuses (I really have to quell the urge to type Sirii) in the family line. This is so exciting. The Flints, Crabbes, Longbottoms, and Crouches are all related to the Blacks. If I allow for some vowel gradation over the years in surnames, then the MacMillans (McMillan) and the Prewetts (Prewitt) are also on the tapestry. We knew the Prewetts were purebloods, but the MacMillans are so much fun. Hufflepuff purebloods? WILD!

I am so excited about this. I could go on and on.
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