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Be Looking Good, Boppers

kirsten for pres: guess what i just found out
Zenman887: ??
kirsten for pres: there's going to be a remake of the warriors
Zenman887: what?!
kirsten for pres: yeah, but it's not really a remake as it'll be set in 2006 in LA with NONE OF THE ORIGINAL GANGS
Zenman887: that's pure crap
kirsten for pres: i know
Zenman887: you can't get to Coney from LA
kirsten for pres: ahahahahahahhaha

There's going to be a 2006 remake of the 1979 cult classic The Warriors. Under Tony Scott's (Domino, Man on Fire) direction, it will be transported from late-70s NYC to current day LA. All the original gangs except the Warriors will be replaced by LA gangs, for example the Crips, the Bloods, etc etc. It's interesting, but the original is so dominant, I don't how I'll be able to deal.

In other news, Coolidge is totally screening the original this Friday and Saturday at midnight. It's going to be so awesome.
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