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All I See Is Dead Wings

So, I haven't updated since February and I don't even think I have too much to say.

The week leading up to spring break was alternately lovely and oddly stressful/emotional. We had an amazing Wednesday, and I love the girls even more now. Sometimes, it's just like oil.

Spring break was so college I almost can't stand it. Beer pong, clubs, weed, power hours, your mom jokes, etc etc. I met some cool kids, and it was lots of fun. South Carolina was kind of warm, so that was nice because Boston was in the twenties. We even went to the beach, and I played in the ocean for about two minutes. Yay ocean! Plus, I got to see the BRC at Nifty Fifty's, the place of our inception, and that was just so much fun and hyper and yummy.

Back at BU and I just can't wait to see everyone whom I haven't seen in two weeks! Plus, Boston put me in a good modd today because as I walked out from my lab the little cafe located in the plaza was playing Elliott. I had to stop, stand, and listen. It was Happiness, and that's what I feel.

Gud daym, I have to do a big LJ cathcup now. I think I might just skip ohnotheydidnt. It's updated like twenty times a day.

Christa made cool real life quote icons, and I love them!
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