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I've Already Done For You

So, it the Ides of March and all that jazz. As a classics major, I feel required to bring these things up. Poor Julius was assasinated, simply because he knew the future. He was a brilliant political and military strategist, but brilliance doesn't always bring rewards.

Apparently, I can now have 132 icons. That's a ridiculous amount. I seriously watch icon making journals and communities, plus rarely I'll make some myself or a RL friend will make one, and I still only have 60. I do not have any idea how to go about getting 132 icons. That's a ridiculous amount. I already said that, but it needs repeating.

Latin midterm tomorrow, and I'm meeting with Shaneikiah in the classics library to study later. It really helps me to study with multiple people because then it's all said out loud and it keeps me from getting side tracked, which is absurdly easy for me. Jerrod talked to our greek professor about our midterm today and Espo is going to let him re-test. I did poorer than Jerrod, so maybe Espo will let me re-test too? I'm not even sure that I want to do that. God, I'm so lazy in my studies.

Time to eat my California roll. Yum. I'm still perplexed as to why I can never get Boston rolls here. I'm in Boston. Honestly.

I really love this new icon. I heart R+J. Like srsly.
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