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I have to finish my book by Thursday. It's not bad, it's just I don't feel like reading it. I need to work harder hits year. If I want to get into a good college I need to start actually trying and studying and paying attention. I will try this year. I promise.

Also, a very strange coincidence is that I made a Johnny Depp blend for my friend's journal before I found out that blendage is having a competition for Johnny blends. Weird, huh? I won't enter mine, because it's crap compared to everyone else's. I just started fooling around with photosho lately, so hopefully I'll be good in like a month or so.

And, final note, I will prob have my license by teh beginning of September, and I will have a job too. Life is sort of shaping up into what I wanted it to be. Whoot!
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